Fall Detection Devices for Seniors

Falls are common among older adults, especially those who live on their own. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 3 million 65+ adults are rushed to emergency departments as a result of fall injuries each year. In every five falls, one causes serious injury. Such falls may result in disabilities or reduced mobility, which in turn reduces independence among seniors. While there are preventative measures to reduce these effects, falls are still a major problem affecting the quality of life among older adults. Fall detection devices are designed to help mitigate the impacts of falls. Using these devices gives the elderly, their loved ones, and caregivers more support and peace of mind. Here is a guide to fall detection devices.

Why Use Automatic Fall Detection Devices?

Fall detection devices are some of the most important things every senior aged 65+ should have because falls happen among them after every second. These devices work well with medical alert systems. The feature gives older adults enhanced safety and security and gives caregivers peace of mind whenever they are not near seniors. How do they work? Automatic fall detection is a built-in feature that comes with wearable pendants. They detect falls in case the user is unable to press a life alert button. Trained professionals are alerted whenever a fall occurs. These people can assess and find emergency solutions in seconds. They may also alert caregivers if need be.

Who Should Use Automatic Fall Detection Devices?

Older Adults with Mental Issues

Seniors experiencing a decline in their cognitive abilities or reduced mental health functioning should definitely buy automatic fall detection systems. Diseases like depression and Alzheimer’s increase the risk of falling among older adults by 30%.

Hearing Problems

Because of less spatial awareness, hearing problems increase the chances of falling among older adults. So, older adults with hearing problems should consider buying these devices.

What to Consider When Buying Fall Detection Devices

Fall detection systems are available in many life alert devices, allowing the user to select one, depending on their budget, needs, and preferences. But with several options, making the right decision on the best device can be difficult. Here are the things you can consider when shopping for these life-saving devices:


Fall detection devices vary widely in price, depending on the features. Smartphones and Apple Watches can be expensive for low-income older adults. It is important to check if the device you are going for has monthly service fees. The fees also vary depending on the type of device, the system, the features, and the brand. This allows us to come up with a proper budget, and include all the important things. The cost of the fall detection system may include the following:

  • Equipment fees: These costs are associated with the device’s price and the fees for shipping, installation, and a lockbox fee, which can be paid monthly or once.
  • Add-ons: These are fees paid for add-on features, like health monitors, medication reminders, and caregiver apps.
  • More buttons or devices for safety: Older adults may be required to pay more fees when they need some extra wall buttons or separate devices from their spouses.
  • The average cost of automatic fall detection devices: $19-$45

Consider the Online Reviews about the Device

The elderly should go online and check the online reviews about the fall detective device they are looking to buy or the brand. Customers are always writing about their experiences with devices after using them and whether they would recommend them to other users. This can help in deciding on which option to go for.

Are You Comfortable Navigating through a New Technology?

Some devices may have a complicated process that less tech-savvy seniors may find difficult to operate. Older adults with good knowledge of modern technology will find Apple Watch working best for them. If looking for a device with a simpler system, opt for a pendant that comes with a button in case of an emergency.

24/7 Monitoring

Falls occur and can happen at any time. Because of this, seniors should ensure their devices are connected to a 24/7 monitoring system. This enhances safety among older adults since help will be there whether it’s midnight or daytime.

Best Life Alert Systems with Fall Detection Systems

Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian is one of the top brands when it comes to offering the best fall detection systems. They offer a variety of options you meet the needs of different seniors. Medical Guardian has been providing innovative safety solutions to seniors from different parts of the world. The company offers both mobile and on-the-go life alert systems with fall detection devices. Plus, their customer service is outstanding, and they were selected as one of the best brands with top-notch fall detection systems. Read more about Medical Guardian at https://www.medicalguardian.com/.

The cost of the product: $29.95 plus an additional $10 for the fall detection feature

Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical is one of the top choices because its GPS-equipped mobile device is outstanding. Its system is 24/7 connected to a professional help center. This means that whenever a user presses a button or a fall is detected, they can get immediate help. The system is also one of the most affordable in the market. More information is available at https://www.bayalarmmedical.com/medical-alert-system/automatic-fall-detection/.

  • The cost of the product: from $29.95 per month


This company’s Lively Mobile Plus comes with optional built-in fall detection. The system features an Urgent Response button and improved location detection. Visit https://www.lively.com/medical-alerts/lively-mobile-plus/ for more details.

  • The cost of the product: $49.99 per month


LifeFone’s devices are some of the best in the market and come with a lifetime warranty and add-ons for fall detection that starts at $5 per month. Their prices are paid on an annual plan with no activation fees, making it one of the most affordable brands in the market. The company charges reasonable prices to add the fall detection feature to its life alert systems. While other seniors or their loved ones may decide to judge a product by its price, LifeFone’s devices may be les expensive, but they are definitely one of the most reliable. More information is available at https://www.lifefone.com/.

  • The cost of the product: $24.95 per month