Grants for Seniors in Charlotte

Help for Seniors in Charlotte

Charlotte is one of the best cities in North Carolina for seniors that want to live in an affordable place. The housing expenses are 14 percent lower than the national average and the utility expenses are eight percent lower than the national average. Also, transportation costs are very reasonable for seniors. Charlotte has various dining, healthcare, and recreational facilities for older people. Besides, the City of Charlotte, the federal government, and local non-profit organizations provide services and programs for senior residents.

Housing and Rent Assistance

The Shelter Plus Care Program was formed by the federal government and has been managed by the City of Charlotte for low and moderate-income residents. Senior residents who are having financial problems and are not able to pay their rent are eligible for this program. There are three main goals of this program which are increasing housing stability, obtaining greater self-sufficiency, and increasing the income of the eligible participant. The length and the amount of money can differ based on the applicants’ current economic condition. For further information, please follow the link or make a phone call at 704 336 2291.

The Aging in Place Program was created and financed by the City of Charlotte for low and middle-income senior landlords. Seniors who are having a hard time paying their mortgages and remaining in their homes instead of living in a nursing facility are eligible for this program. Some of it is criteria are as following:

  • Applicants must be the owner of the house.
  • Applicants must be 65 years of age or older.
  • Do residents must be located within the city of Charlotte limits.
  • An applicant can apply only for one house.

Since there is a waiting list it is better to apply as soon as possible. Eligible seniors will be receiving a certain amount of money depending on their specific case. To learn more, please visit or by phone at 704 432 1579.

The Charlotte Area Fund is a local non-governmental charity based organization that offers a wide variety of programs for local citizens. It has a program called the Self-Sufficiency Project. This is a special project that examines each case in detail. Seniors who are looking for housing assistance are urged to get in touch with this organization. The cases of the accepted applicants will be managed individually by taking into consideration the expenses, grants, and housing assistance of the recipient. Furthermore, eligible seniors may also benefit from free or low-cost nutritious food, emergency financial assistance, or healthcare support if it is necessary. find out more information at or call 704 372 3010.

Financial Assistance

The Charlotte Crisis Assistance Ministry was constituted and has been led by the City of Charlotte to assist low and middle-income people and families with financial support. Senior citizens who are in a financial crisis and require emergency monetary aid are qualified for this program. This program specifically helps with rental payments, mortgage, and energy expenses. To read more and to apply, please click the link or dial 704 371 3001.

Matthews Help Center and Thrift Store is a local non-profit charity based organization that presents various programs for low and moderate-income persons and families. Older individuals who need cash support AR qualified for this organization. Eligible seniors can receive monetary aid to cover their rents, medical bills, or utility expenses. Apart from this, it also offers temporary housing assistance a month, transportation service, and clothing support. For further information, please go to or call 704 847 8383.

Health Assistance

Charlotte Community Health Clinic is a neighborhood medical clinic that offers free doctor visits and medical care for low-income people regardless of their health insurance condition. Elder persons who are worried about their health condition, who need professional information about their health, or who require financial support to cover their medical expenses are encouraged to apply for this benefit. The link to their official website is as follows or call the mainline at 704 316 6561.

Charlotte Community Health Services is a local non-governmental organization that offers free or very affordable medical and healthcare support for low and middle-income people. Its main aim is to reach out to people who are lacking access to healthcare, uninsured, or underinsured, and need help support. Older people who need help and do not know where to look are encouraged to get in contact with this local organization. Find out more information at or dial 704 336 4700.

Utility Bills Support

Salvation Army of Charlotte is a non-governmental establishment that presents a good deal of services and benefits for persons in financial need. Seniors who are facing economic challenges and are not able to pay for their utility expenses are eligible to receive cash assistance from this establishment. Eligible persons may benefit from monthly discounts or monthly financial support to cover their utility expenses. This organization not only assists its beneficiaries with utility support but also helps with housing and rent assistance to decrease homelessness in the city. It also presents several programs that can change based on the changing needs of the beneficiaries.

Explore more opportunities through the following link or make a phone call at 704 716 2769.

Food Assistance

The Department of Social Services runs several food assistance services for older people who need healthy and nutritious food. The main program is called The Charlotte Senior Citizens Nutrition Program. This program is also recognized as the “Meals on Wheels”. It is specifically designed for persons who are 60 years of age or older and need meal support. Eligible seniors get to choose which type of service they want. These services are home delivered meals, nutritional supplements, and congregate meals and activities. Regardless of their monthly income, all seniors are welcome to apply for these services. For more information, please go to or dial 704 336 3000.