Grants for Seniors in Chesapeake

Low-income elderly persons experience challenges in having access to day-to-day services, including housing, quality healthcare, transportation, food and utility. Fortunately, the city of Chesapeake has programs and institutions to offer assistance to enable seniors to live a healthy and stress-free lifestyle. In this article, we are going to discuss the grant options available for seniors in Chesapeake.

Housing Assistance in Chesapeake

Are you an active, independent elderly person looking for senior housing? Well, look no further. There are apartments specifically designed to accommodate senior citizens in Chesapeake. These apartments may not have personal care services but there are amenities and maintenance to help seniors live a stress-free and social lifestyle. You may have someone from A Place for Mom help you navigate through the application process and explore the available options. You may find just the right apartment that fits your lifestyle and budget. See the 55-plus apartments for low-income seniors here.

Assistance with Food for Seniors in Chesapeake

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) enables eligible low-income elderly persons to buy food from their local grocery store. The benefits are placed on an electric benefit card (EBT). The card is used as a debit card to purchase allowed food items from a store. You can’t use the SNAP benefits to buy alcoholic beverages or tobacco, pet foods, soap, paper products, hot foods or other non-food items. Want to apply? Click here. Find more details at

Financial Assistance for Seniors

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program provides temporary funding support to low-income elderly persons to enable them to meet their basic needs. To qualify for TANF, you must meet the low-income requirements, be a resident of Chesapeake and must be a U.S. citizen. Apply for the program assistance at The code of Virginia §63.2 requires that the program be administered following the policies and regulations established by the State Board of Social Services. For more details, please visit

Medical Assistance for Seniors

The Medicaid program pays for medical bills for low-income senior citizens. The program aims to improve the health of senior residents by focusing on services that promotes prevention and continuity of care. The services are also designed to ensure senior residents receive quality health care within their communities. You have to demonstrate that you have limited finance to qualify for the program assistance. Be a resident of Chesapeake, a U.S. citizen, legal alien, and a low-income elderly person. To apply, please visit

Long-Term Medicaid offers medical treatment and services to low-income seniors going through certain illnesses. The services are provided by a qualified and licensed practitioner. The goal is to improve, maintain, protect the health, or lessen illness, disability, or pain. To determine the need for long-term Medicaid, applicants go through three processes;

  • Determining the level of care a senior needs through pre-admission screening.
  • Application for the long-term Medicaid services to receive funding.
  • Evaluation of the submitted application.
  • A checklist requesting information regarding your income, excluding social security income (SSI) and property transfers.

Read more about the program at

Utility Assistance for Seniors

Chesapeake’s Low-Income Energy Assistance Program has three components, including cooling assistance, crisis assistance and fuel assistance. The purpose of the program is to help low-income elderly persons reduce the costs of their home energy bills. Crisis assistance is designed for seniors facing energy emergencies such as disconnection from the energy source. Cooling assistance can help families with the replacement or repair of cooling systems if need be. The program’s financial assistance is directed to low-income senior homeowners who spend most of their income paying for their home energy bills. the payment is made directly to the service providers and the goal is to help seniors stay away from the harsh weather. Visit to apply for the program assistance.

Transportation Assistance for Seniors

I-Ride Transit offers transportation services to seniors going to senior center wellness and nutrition sites in South Hampton Roads and Western Tidewater. Qualified program participants can have access to these services several times a week. The program encourages applicants to contribute at least $1.00 each way. The rides are given depending on the individual schedules of the senior wellness center and the availability is based on the age, seating, and location. Read more about the program at