Grants for Seniors in Austin

Help for Seniors in Austin

Austin has been chosen as the number 1 city to live in the country for the third time by Forbes Magazine till 2020. Some of the criteria of the magazine are affordability, job opportunities, life quality, and social activities. It is also a very advantageous city for seniors considering its beautiful parks, healthcare options, entertainment events, and benefits for them. There are some programs and services for seniors who are having a hard time financially.

Housing and Rent Assistance

The Home Repair and Architectural Barrier Removal Program was created and has been subsidized by the City of Austin for low and moderate-income people who need repair at their homes but cannot afford it. Older residents are one of the priority groups because the main aim of this benefit is to increase safety and healthy conditions at home. For further information, please follow the link or by phone at 512 974 3100.

Austin Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program was constituted and has been managed both by the City of Austin and the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs for low and moderate-income persons and families. The main aim of this program is to decrease homelessness throughout the city. Seniors who are about to lose their home or who are already homeless are prioritized by this program. Eligible seniors may both have housing assistance and cash support to cover their rent. To read more and to apply, please click the link  or give it a call at 512 972 5011.

Travis County Health and Human Services and Veteran Services has several benefits across the city. Although its main goal is to offer health support, it also helps with the rent problems, transitional housing, and financial needs. Especially seniors who are in an economic crisis and need emergency financial support to pay their rents are eligible for this department. Furthermore, older people who are at risk of homelessness may benefit from transitional housing till they can stand on their own feet. Find out more information at or by phone at 512 416 0366.

Financial Assistance

Society of St. Vincent De Paul is a non-profit establishment that has been supporting low and middle-income individuals and families since 1963. One of its most prominent benefits is to offer financial assistance for seniors who are not in a good financial position to pay their bills and housing expenses. The amount and the length of the financial assistance differ based on the participants’ current financial situation. This organization also offers to help with clothing, furniture, food, health care, and utilities. The link to their official website is as follows or make connections with 512 251 6995.

Health Assistance

The Austin Parks and Recreation Department is a division that was formed by the City of Austin and it has a lot of events and activities to improve the well-being and health of the residents who are 50 years of age or older. Those people who need to part of a community or participate in social activity are encouraged to get in touch with this department to find out the best option for them. There are aerobic classes, various hobby courses, and so on. Explore more opportunities through the following link or make a phone call at 1 512 974 6700.

Age Thrive Social and Wellness Center is a local non-profit organization that offers daytime care for elder individuals with memory loss or physical disabilities. Seniors who are not able to look after themselves at home and require to stay in a fully-fledged place can consult this establishment. It provides free service for people who are in financial crisis. These facilities have food services based on the recipients’ dietary needs, health assistance, counseling. To learn more information, please go to or call 512 458 6305.

Alzheimer’s Association Capital of Texas Chapter is a non-governmental organization that is intended to support the needs of people with Alzheimer’s disease or any sort of dementia. Senior residents who need comprehensive care and financial help with the treatment procedure are qualified for this program. Besides offering health assistance, the organization aims to raise awareness on this issue. It organizes various events and courses to show the importance of Alzheimer’s and related disorders. Find out more information at or dial 512 592 0990.

Utility Bills Support

The Austin Texas Salvation Army is a non-governmental organization that presents various programs for low and moderate-income people. It runs programs based on the changing needs of people but it mostly focuses on financial aid, medical expenses, rental support, and utility help. Particularly seniors who need utility support are urged to get in touch with this organization. See more information at or dial 512 605 1410.

Food Assistance

Westover Hills Church of Christ is a local church that assists low and middle-income persons with rental support, emergency financial assistance, and food pantries. Elder citizens who need any of these services can get in touch with the church. It serves hot, frozen, and cold meals on a daily basis. Some beneficiaries may receive home-delivered meals according to their health and financial condition. See more information at or give it a call at 512 345 6386.

The Austin Food Assistance and Nutrition Program was founded and has been sponsored both by the federal government and the Older Americans Act. It was specifically designed for low and moderate-income individuals who are 60 years of age or above and need food assistance. Older people who are not able to cook for themselves due to their health conditions or who are not able to purchase healthy and nutritious food are qualified for this food service. Recipients of this benefit will be receiving monthly food bags that include fresh fruits and vegetables. Some of them may also have electronic cards to shop at local grocery stores. Find out more information at or contact toll-free 877 541 7905.