Grants for Seniors in Denver

Help for Seniors in Denver

Denver has been listed as one of the best places to live in the USA by the U.S. News & World Report. This city has a strong job market, good health care facilities, tax-friendly policies, and a low unemployment rate. It has a much lower crime rate than the other states, and the cost of living is affordable in this city. Even though it has good features, it might be difficult to live in this city for some senior citizens. Thus, the City of Denver, the federal agencies, and local non-profit organizations provide a good deal of programs and services for older people.

Housing and Rent Assistance

Saint Paul Local Assistance Ministry provides qualified persons and families with modest rental support from a limited budget and referrals to emergency shelters and housing options. Older people who are 60 years of age or older and are in a financial crisis are encouraged to get in touch with this organization. Eligible seniors will be settling in an emergency shelter for a short time or can be settled in a permanent safe, affordable, and decent house. To learn more information, please follow the link or make a phone call at 303 960 9163.

Denver Salvation Army is a local branch of a national organization that has been serving the community for a long time. Low and moderate-income people and families are supported with spider utility bills assistance, rental benefit, senior services, and various food pantries across the city. It has several housing options for seniors who are facing financial challenges. For further information and to apply, please visit or by phone at 303 779 9662 or 303 922 4549.

The Denver Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program was created and has been financed by the Denver Department of Human Services for low and moderate-income individuals and families. The main goal of this program is to reduce homelessness throughout the city. Senior citizens who are facing foreclosure and who are about to lose their homes or who are already homeless are eligible for this program. The beneficiaries of this program also apply for medical supplies, prescriptions, food support, or personal hygiene items. Read more information at or contact 303 675 0713.

Financial Assistance

The Old Age Pension Program (OAP) is a local initiative that aims to help older adults who are 60 years of age or above and who are in a financial struggle. Eligible seniors may benefit from limited financial assistance, rental support, help for medical costs, and medical care benefits for older persons. The length and the amount of the money are determined based on the applicant’s current economic condition. For further information, please go to or call 877 268 2926.

Denver Home Care Allowance is a local initiative that was specifically designed to offer cash support for elderly and disabled persons across the city. This cash assistance program is different from the other financial assistance programs because the money is directly paid to the home care provider which was chosen by the client. Accepted seniors will be able to choose their home care provider and the program will be paying their salaries. Some of the services that are expected from the caregiver are dressing, personal hygiene, bathing, cooking, transfers, supportive services, and more. Explore more opportunities through the following link or dial 720 944 4347.

Health Assistance

Denver HealthSET Clinic is a local non-profit healthcare organization that offers health assistance to low and middle-income elderly. Residents who have an illness or who are worried about their health status are welcome to consult this clinic. It offers comprehensive healthcare support for eligible seniors. Some of their services are related to ADHD, Alzheimer’s cancer, breast health, caregiving, colon health, depression, fitness, grief, diabetes, heart health, skin health, weight, substance use, and pain management. Find out more information at or by phone at 720 321 9320.

Colorado Coalition for the Medically Underserved is an organization that was created and has been subsidized both by the State of Colorado and the local people. Particularly senior citizens who do not have health care insurance and looked up everywhere but couldn’t find an available health care program are encouraged to get in touch with this establishment. This organization may also provide monetary aid for its beneficiaries to cover their medical bills. Read more information at or make a phone call at 800 511 5010.

Utility Bills Support

Saint Mary Magdalene is a local non-profit establishment that has been functioning for a long time in Denver. Low and moderate-income senior citizens are prioritized by this establishment. These seniors who are not able to pay their utility, electric or heating expenses may get in touch with this organization. It provides monthly cash assistance for its recipients. To learn more, please visit or dial 303 455 1968.

Saint Anthony of Padua is a local church that has been organizing several programs for individuals in need. One of its most known supports is utility assistance. Qualified participants may receive monthly cash assistance or a certain amount of discounts on their bills. Elder persons who are having economic problems and are not in a good position to pay their utility expenses are eligible for this benefit. The link to their official website is as follows or call 303 935 2431.

Food Assistance

Denver Rescue Mission is a non-profit organization that has been helping homeless families and older citizens. This organization offers home-delivered meals and food pantries throughout the city. Senior people who require nutritious and healthy food to protect their health and increase their wellness are the main target group of this organization. Apart from food assistance, this establishment assists its beneficiaries with rental support, clothing needs, furniture assistance, and various housing items. For more information, please go to or dial 303 297 1815.

Denver Volunteers of America is a non-governmental organization that presents several benefits for low and middle-income individuals and families. It prepares hot, cold, and frozen home-delivered meals for seniors in need. Moreover, seniors who are able to visit the senior centers may eat their food in these centers and meet new people. There are food pantries across the city for its recipients. To see more information and to apply, please visit or contact 303 297 0408.