Grants for Seniors in Seattle

Help for Seniors in Seattle

Seattle has been ranked as one of the best cities to live in by the U.S. News thanks to its gorgeous forests and friendly environment. It presents a good deal of employment opportunities and health care options for elder people. However, it might be difficult to afford the cost of living in this city since it has a growing population. Thus, the federal government, the City of Seattle, and the local non-profit charitable organizations assist low and middle-income seniors with various programs and services.

Housing and Rent Assistance

The Seattle Foreclosure Prevention Program was established and has been sponsored by the City of Seattle for low and moderate-income homeowners. Senior residents who are having a hard time paying their mortgage and trying to avoid foreclosure are qualified for this support. This immediate mortgage assistance service offers a certain amount of financial help for eligible persons. The amount of this money is determined by the current economic condition of the applicants. For more information, please go to or make a phone call at 877 894 4663.

The Seattle Home Repair Loan Program was created and has been subsidized by the City of Seattle for low-income landlords who need housing assistance. These loans are very affordable based on the applicant’s economic status. Senior residents who are struggling to cover their housing expenses are urged to get in touch with this program. Also, eligible senior homeowners are given as much flexibility as possible to repay their loans. See more information at or by phone at 206 684 0721.

The Seattle Housing Authority supports low and middle-income persons and families who are about to lose their homes or who are already homeless. This local non-governmental organization provides various shelter sites and temporary housing options for eligible persons. Seniors who are facing financial challenges and need housing assistance are qualified to settle in one of these living facilities. These seniors can live in these facilities until they can afford them. Find out more information at or by calling 800 833 6388.

Financial Assistance

Issaquah Church and Community Services is a neighborhood establishment that aims to help low and middle-income persons and families who need cash support to pay their rents. It presents several grants for people in need during the year. Older individuals who require monetary aid to pay their rent are one of the prioritized groups for this establishment. Furthermore, this organization offers utility support, food assistance, and housing assistance for its recipients. The link to their official website is as follows or call 425 837 3125.

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Seattle is a local branch of the national organization that presents plenty of programs for people who require different benefits. This organization prioritizes unemployed persons, people with disabilities, the poor, and senior citizens. Eligible seniors may benefit from emergency cash assistance to cover their rent utilities or housing costs. Besides, its beneficiaries may apply for clothing support, meals preparation, gasoline vouchers, and employment assistance. Explore more opportunities through the following link or contact the helpline 206 767 6449.

Health Assistance

Seattle Aging and Disability Services offer a great deal of services and programs that have been supported both by the federal and the state authorities for older residents. It runs a program called Adult Day Services which offers extended healthcare services for eligible seniors. The main purpose of the service is to support seniors who want to remain at their homes instead of living in institutional care. Their services include personal care like eating, positioning, toileting, transfer, toileting, health monitoring, supervision, general health education, recreational activities, and relaxation therapy, transportation assistance for doctor appointments, and much more. For further information, please follow the link or by phone at toll-free 844 348 5464.

Seattle Senior Centers were constituted and have been directed by the City of Seattle for elder residents. Adult people who are 50 years of age and older can participate in various activities and social events that were created by these centers throughout the city. The main purpose of these centers is to make sure that senior residents can join social life and increase life satisfaction and wellness. These activities are specifically designed to meet the emotional and physical needs of older adults. Some of its services are fitness classes, volunteerism, healthy and nutritious meals, lifelong learning classes, transportation assistance, immunization, foot care, health screening, and so on. To learn more, please click the link or dial 206 448 5757.

Utility Bills Assistance

The Catholic Community Services Emergency Assistance Program is a local charity based organization that assists low and moderate-income families, single adults, seniors, and persons with disabilities across the city. It offers a wide range of emergency assistance for utility bills, rental support, and housing expenses. The amounts and the length of the emergency assistance may change based on each case. Senior residents who are 60 years of age or above are prioritized by this program. To see more information and to apply, please visit or make connections with 206 323 6336.

Seattle Neighborhood House Helpline is a local initiative that helps low and moderate-income citizens who need utility support. Seniors who are in a financial crisis and are not able to cover their electric and utility bills are qualified to benefit from this helpline. Accepted older people are able to receive up to $75 for each month. For more information, please visit or dial 206 436 4950.

Food Assistance

Capitol Hill Community Resource Center is a neighborhood initiative that has been serving working poor, low and moderate-income persons, and homeless people. This center offers free food, clothing assistance, transportation benefits, and housing support for persons in need. Senior citizens who need healthy and nutritious meals according to their diet are encouraged to apply to communicate with the center. It presents daily hot, cold, and frozen meals in these centers, and some participants may benefit from home-delivered foods if it is necessary. To learn more, please follow the link or give it a call at 206 684 5600.

Shoreline Community Care Center is a non-governmental establishment that promotes several services for people who require utility, rent, or food assistance. Senior citizens who are not able to purchase healthy food according to their health condition are qualified to apply for this care center. Apart from receiving food assistance, they may apply for utility help and rental assistance. For more information, please click or call 206 496 3116.