Churches that Help Seniors

As people get older, it might be difficult for them to afford to take care of themselves. Particularly seniors who are in economic hardship or have a disease may need help to live on with their lives. Hence, there are plenty of churches that organize benefits and programs for older citizens across the country. Here is the list of churches that benefit seniors.

  1. Catholic Charities of America

This is the most effective and largest church that functions across the country. It has branches in all states that offer various programs and services. Its main purpose is to help everyone in need. It offers financial support, housing assistance, home-delivery food service, health care assistance, emergency shelters, and so on. Seniors who are looking for help can benefit from the services of this charity-based organization. Please click on the link to find the nearest Catholic Charities agency to you or make a phone call at its main number 713 526 4611.

  1. National Church Residences

This is a special service for older people that has been operating since 1961 across the country. This organization aims that every senior should have an independent, healthy, and vibrant life regardless of their age. Its main service is housing support considering changing and various needs of older applicants. It has 320 senior-housing units in different states and it has been building new facilities. Apart from housing services, eligible candidates may live in more comprehensive housing units with nursing and personal care services. Explore more opportunities through the following link or dial 1 740 773 8107.

  1. United Church Homes

The UCH was formed in 1916 to support older adults in many ways. Even though it has divergent programs according to the changing necessities of its beneficiaries, its main aim is to provide affordable, safe, and decent house and health care options for seniors. Older citizens who are having financial difficulties and searching for help can get in touch with this organization. The link to their official website is as follows  or contact 800 837 2211.

  1. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul

This charity based church establishment was founded in 1833 to support every citizen in need across the USA. It has various offices in each state and offers different programs and services based on people’s needs. Its most common programs that are available in most states are as follows:

  • Back2Work: This is an employment program for individuals who wish to rejoin the workforce but do not know where to start or how to improve their abilities and skills. Senior residents who are having financial difficulties and want to have a part-time or permanent job are urged to apply for this program. Eligible candidates are able to learn new skills and education.
  • Disaster Services Corporation: It is hard to cover from a disaster when it hits someone. Many people lose their homes and everything on these occasions. This is a long-term recovery program for people who are affected by a disaster.
  • Food Pantries: Seniors who are not able to cook for themselves or who are not able to purchase nutritious and healthy food are eligible for this program.
  • Friends of the Poor Walk: This is an encouraging program for people who are entrepreneurs and has an innovative project in their minds. Older people who are interested in new projects are qualified and they can receive cash support to pursue their ventures.

There are other programs and services that can be beneficial for seniors in different states. To learn more information, please visit or make connections with 314 576 3993.

  1. United Methodist Church

The United Methodist Church was founded in 1968 and it has different programs for low and moderate-income people. Since it promotes the wholeness and health of people, it organizes various health-care programs in different states. Particularly seniors who need legal assistance and lawyers are urged to consult this church. It is a very efficient church in terms of legal issues. This organization also supports its beneficiaries with food support, housing opportunities, rent support, and cash assistance. For more information, please follow the link or dial 1 800 251 8140.

  1. Salvation Army of USA

Salvation Army is a very supportive religious organization that presents a good deal of programs and benefits for older people throughout the country. It has adult day care centers for seniors who are not able to look after themselves at their homes and need personal care. Apart from helping its beneficiaries with their health-related problems, this living unit is helpful for making new friends and being part of the community. The Salvation Army has emergency financial support, emergency food assistance, rental help, and utility bills support for people in need. It has various services in each state based on people’s changing needs. Seniors who need any of these services or more are eligible for these benefits and should get in touch with the nearest office of the Salvation Army in their state. Find out more information at or by calling the free line at 0800 53 00 00.