Grants for Seniors in Dallas

Help for Seniors in Dallas

Dallas has been ranked one of the most low-cost metropolitan cities to live in for older citizens. There are various social activities and outdoor events for seniors. The weather is mostly warm during most of the year and a wide range of health care options is a plus. Although this city offers various advantages, some senior residents may struggle financially and require help. There are plenty of programs and services that are assisted by the City of Dallas, local non-profit organizations, and the federal government.

Housing and Rent Assistance

The Office of Community Care Senior Services Dallas is a highly active city division that creates and executes different programs for older persons. It offers health care support, housing assistance, and rental help for Dallas seniors. One of its programs is called the Fresh Start Housing Assistance Program. Seniors who are at risk of homelessness or who are already homeless are qualified for this housing assistance. Eligible ones will be receiving monthly rental support concerning payments. For more information and apply, please follow the link

Dallas Housing Authority is a local non-governmental organization that aims to provide secure, low-cost, and decent homes for low and middle-income persons and families. Senior citizens who are having financial troubles and need help to continue living in their homes are qualified for this help. Eligible people will be receiving housing counseling and temporary housing assistance until they can afford their own place. To learn more, please visit or by phone at 469 249 9012.

The State Department of Housing and Community Affairs offers two fundamental living units for low and middle-income seniors who are searching for housing assistance. These units are Buckner Retirement Village and Grace Presbyterian Village. These facilities have food assistance, housekeeping service, and health care. To see eligibility criteria, please follow the link or call them toll-free at 800 525 0657.

Financial Assistance

Dallas Operation WaterShare is a different sort of financial support program that was created and has been managed by the City of Dallas for individuals who are 60 years of age or above. Those people can have cash support if there are water leaks in the house. The program provides different amounts of support for eligible persons. To ask for assistance, please click the link or contact 214 6541 1441.

The Minor Plumbing Repair Program is also a financial assistance program to decrease water waste and higher water expenses. It has been funded by the City of Dallas for low and moderate-income families and citizens. Its services include leaking toilets, showerheads, faucets, outdoor hose bib leaks, and pipe joint leaks. Seniors who do have any of these problems and are not able to afford them are eligible for this program. For further information, please visit or make connections with 214 671 8083.

Health Assistance

Moorland Family YMCA is a neighborhood organization that was created for people who are 55 years of age and above. It aims to increase the wellness of older people by organizing several gym classes. Some of these classes are Senior Power Hour, Low-Impact Aerobics, Senior Plates, and Basic Cardio. The classes may change based on the demands of the participants. It is also beneficial to socialize by meeting with new people at these classes. The link to their official website is as follows or by phone at 214 880 9622.

DCHHS Older Adult Services Program was constituted and has been financed by the City of Dallas for low and moderate-income seniors who are 60 years of age or older. Accepted older citizens will benefit from many services such as mental and physical fitness activities, wellness and health courses, benefits counseling, social and recreational events. Moreover, it provides food assistance for the ones who need healthy and nutritious food at home. They will be receiving home-delivered foods based on their health condition. Find out more information at or give it a call at 1 214 819 1860.

Utility Bills Support

DART Rides Rider Assistance Program was formed and has been funded by the Dallas Area Rapid Transit for people who are 65 years of age or older. Seniors who are facing economic difficulties and cannot pay their utility bills are qualified for this program. Eligible seniors will be having up to $100 monthly help each month depending on their current economic condition. Read more information at or make a phone call at 214 828 6717.

Texas Weatherization Assistance Program assists low and middle-income seniors and people with disabilities with weatherization services. Elder people who need weatherization assistance and meet the Federal poverty guidelines are able to benefit from this assistance. Some of their services are caulking, ductwork, weather-stripping, adding wall or ceiling, patching holes, and floor insulation. These services not only decrease energy costs but also increase energy efficiency at homes. To read more information and to apply, please follow the link or dial 1 888 606 8889.

Food Assistance

The Dallas County Agency on Aging has a great deal of benefits for senior residents who are in financial hardship. It was founded by the Community Council of Greater Dallas for individuals who are 60 years of age or older. Some of its services are as followed:

  • Health-Related Classes: Seniors who need to learn about health issues can benefit from these courses.
  • Hearing Aid Support: Those who are having problems with hearing and need necessary equipment are urged to speak to this department.
  • Free Legal Support: Some seniors may have a legal problem and do not know how to solve it or where to look at it. This organization offers legal support and free advocates for their legal cases.
  • Food Pantries: Seniors who are having trouble cooking at home or cannot eat healthy and nutritious food on a regular basis are qualified for these food pantries. Some accepted seniors may have monthly bags that have fresh fruit, vegetables, and groceries. Some of them may benefit from home-delivered food services according to their current case.
  • Medicare-Medicaid and Dental Support: Older people who need to know about their current health condition or are not able to cover their insurance are encouraged to consult this establishment.

The Dallas County Agency on Aging presents comprehensive programs for older residents. Explore more opportunities through the following link or reach out by phone at 800 252 9240.