Grants for Seniors in Houston

Help for Seniors in Houston

Houston is a popular city with its social activities, good weather, world-class health care, and great parks to spend quality time with friends and family. According to the U.S. News & World Report this city has been chosen as one of the best cities to live in terms of the value and quality of life. This report illustrates that Houston is one of the most preferred places to retire in 2020 and 2021. Even though it is a slightly affordable city, some seniors may have financial difficulties. Thus, there are a lot of programs and services that will help seniors. These benefits are mostly supported by the federal government, the City of Houston, and local charity-based organizations.

Housing and Rent Assistance

Catholic Charities of Houston is one of the most efficient non-governmental establishments throughout the city. It has particular services for senior residents. Some of its services include a comprehensive assessment at home, mental health support, training, counseling, community referrals, social events, housing support, rental assistance, transportation, and emergency monetary aid. Seniors who need any of these services and in financial hardship are eligible for this organization. To learn more about these benefits, please visit or make a phone call at 713 874 6588.

The Single-Family Home Repair Program was constituted and has been led by the City of Houston for low and moderate-income families and persons. Adult people who are 62 years of age and above and who are not able to fix the home repair because of their physical or health status are qualified for this program. The main goal of this benefit is to make sure that senior residents live in a healthy and secure environment independently. Even if the participants’ homes are severely damaged, the program is able to reconstruct brand new houses for landlords. The link to their official website is as follows or call 832 394 6200.

Houston Area Home Down Payment Assistance was constituted and has been led by the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation for the new home buyers who are searching for financial help. Older people who are buying a house and need fixed-rate mortgage financing are eligible for this financial support. The eligibility criteria differ based on the case. Thus, if you wish to apply for this benefit please follow the link and take the home buyer eligibility quiz or dial the toll-free number 888 638 3555 for general questions.

Financial Assistance

Gulf Coast Community Association is an active non-profit organization that offers various programs across the city. Elder citizens who need cash assistance to afford their housing needs, utility bills, health-care expenses, and more are urged to get in touch with this organization. The amount of the help is decided based on the case but it can be both long and short-term support. Moreover, it assists housing support, food assistance, and transportation service for eligible people. Find out more information at or dial 713 393 4700.

St. Pius Catholic Church is a local church that has been serving the community with various issues. Adult residents who need cash support are eligible for this church benefit. They may also get free food every three months and utility assistance based on their financial situation. The amount and the length of the financial assistance are determined by the applicants’ current status. See more information at or call 713 473 9484.

Health Assistance

Legacy Community Health Services, Inc. is a private clinic that offers free, no-cost, or low-cost healthcare assistance for people in need. Particularly older people who are not able to pay healthcare expenses are qualified for this local clinic. Recipients are allowed to benefit from all the healthcare services that the clinic presents. They can consult about their health conditions, ask for more information, have medical treatment, and free medications. Explore more opportunities through the following link or call 832 548 5000.

San Jose Clinic is a local neighborhood clinic that aims to help with health insurance. Older people who need health insurance and are not enrolled in any government program are qualified to have health insurance. San Jose is the only local clinic that offers health insurance apart from the federal government and the City of Houston. Beneficiaries of this clinic are able to receive free medications, dental assistance, pharmacy, and free medical examinations. To learn more, please go to or make a phone call at 713 228 6371.

Cy-Fair Community Health Center / Good Neighbor Healthcare Center is a neighborhood initiative for persons who are not able to cover their hospital or medical expenses. Even though the health center prioritizes low and moderate-income residents, it does not turn away any patients if they apply for it. Accepted candidates who are facing financial challenges may also benefit from general health care, optometry, behavioral health, dental support, and other free healthcare services. Read more information at or dial 713 529 3597 for general information.

Utility Bills Support

Salvation Army of Greater Houston is a highly influential non-profit establishment in this city. It assists older people with the mortgage and rent payment assistance, food support, water, and utility bill payment. Eligible seniors may receive monthly cash assistance based on their current health and economic status. To see more details about the programs and to apply, please follow the link or give it a call at 713 752 0677.

Houston Beat the Heat is a utility assistance program that was created and has been sponsored by the local electricity company Reliant Energy. This company works with various local utility companies to help low and middle-income residents throughout the city. Elder residents who need energy assistance are encouraged to apply for this program. Accepted participants may receive monthly discounts on their electric or air conditioning bills and also additional cash support depending on their current economic status. Some of the participants may even receive a free box fan. This is a special service for older citizens. For more information and to apply, please click here or make connections with 713 393 4700.

Food Assistance

The Senior Box Program is another program that is linked to the Commodity Supplemental Food Program that was formed and has been subsidized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Anyone who is 60 years of age or older and is not able to cook themselves or who cannot purchase healthy and nutritious food that is compatible with their diet is qualified for this food program. Eligible seniors will be receiving monthly food boxes. For further information, please go to or make connections with 713 223 3700.

Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church Social Service Center Houston is a local neighborhood organization that aims to offer several programs for everyone in need. One of its programs is called the Emergency Food Shelter Program. This program does not only provide food support, but also helps with rent, housing, or mortgage expenses. Besides food assistance, eligible seniors may receive cash grants once a year. See more information at or contact 713 748 5240.